Event Reports 2018

Skittles and Buffet at Winterbourne

Although there were only 27 of us, a few down on the usual number the event went off extremely well. Mike Emery, our new secretary, did a grand job on the mic while his wife Jayne managed the score board, and the buffet was up to the usual high standard.

Concentration needed

After we had had a go throwing 3 balls down with varying degrees of success there were 2 ladies tying and 5 men.

To be drunk later


After they all threw another 3 , Jayne Emery and Alan Jones were the deserving winners. for a bottle of wine apiece


There was no shortage of volunteers for sticking up.


No shortage of volunteers



Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, Shepton Mallet.

The show went off well as it always does. We set the stand up on the Friday with carpet tiles, table with its literature on display, and all the machines in place. A new addition replacing the DVD player and screen we used to have at the front of the stand was a sectioned 1931 AJS 500cc OHV engine which we had motorised to rotate to show how an internal combustion engine works. Lights had been added to simulate the combustion and firing stroke and to illuminate the workings.

On Saturday the weather was cold but dry and the visitors arrived in droves The sectioned engine went well for about  two hours, attracting a fair amount of attention, and then overheated so we switched it off. A push button will be added next year so it will only rotate when someone wants to see it operate.

Spence looking forward to the summer

On Sunday the show was just as well attended with visitors arriving till well after midday.  We packed up the stand at 4.00 as the rush to get home to the warm infected all the stands.



New Years Day meet at Bitton Steam Railway

Happy New Year to everyone




Up until 11oclock on New Years Day morning the rain poured and the meet looked as though it was going to be a washout. Then the skies cleared to blue and we ended up with a score of riders and half that again in cars to make a good crowd. Happy New Years were exchanged and gossip caught up on and after about an hour we broke for home.

It was a nice enough day afterwards to go for my favourite short ride up the A420 to Ford and then home round through Castle Combe village, Burton Lane and Pucklechurch.

A welcome cup of coffee and mince pie left from Chrismas got the toes and fingers warmed up when I got home. With luck there will be many more rides to  come when the winter finally ends. The BSA went beautifully.