Event Reports 2017

Boxing Day Meet at Avon Valley Steam Railway


The Wishing Well at Codrington was used as a venue for the Boxing Day midday meet for the first time this year  as the Whitminster Inn on the A38 was felt to be too far for many riders, especially those from south Bristol. This proved to be a good choice. About a score of members, most on bikes but some in cars turned up including one or two who had been to Whitminster and dropped by on a roundabout way home. We were made to feel most welcome and will do the same next year.



Annual Dinner and Prize Giving  20th October

39 of us sat down for dinner at Begbrook on the 20th October for the Bristol Section annual dinner and prize giving, and the food, supplied and presented by AHM Catering as in previous years, was to the usual high standard and went down well according to the feedback (no pun intended). All being well the dinner will be held along the same lines next year

The Bill Shepherd Run in the Autumn was abandoned due to heavy rain so that left only the Ray Cordy Run concourse judging results and the Section trophies to award.

They were as follows

The Ray Cordy Spring Cup for Best overall went to Allan Crew for his beautiful 1956 Triumph Tiger 110

There was no veteran

Nor was there a vintage machine

Nor a post vintage machine

There was a Post war machine so the

Vernon Cottle Cup went to Derek Daniels for his very nice 1956 AJS M30








John Underhill Cup for Best classic went to Tony Prescott for his immaculate 1976 Honda CB400


Dennis Harrisson Cup for best two stroke went to Steve Bush for the 3rd time, for his 1979, 175cc BSA Bantam D13

There was no 3 wheeler
Then came the Section trophies chosen by the committee.

Some sections have a wooden spoon trophy. We have the Worn Sprocket Trophy, awarded for the most noteworthy or humorous event.

This goes to someone who bought a 400/4 Honda to do the Ray Cordy on where he was to be tail rider. He tried it out the previous evening and it was fine. The following morning he started it to ride to Bitton and then got off and went back to get an orange tabard. He stuffed the yellow one he took off under the seat and rode off. The bike stopped after a hundred yards and just would not start again. Late now he pushed the bike back home and took another one.
It was not until he got back home in the evening that he realised he had blocked off the air inlet on the Honda when he sat down with the yellow tabard under the seat. So the trophy this year went to Rod Western.

It is always pleasing that this trophy is awarded for relatively minor and amusing incidents. Long may it continue. The last thing we want are major incidents

Finally came the Clubman of the Year Trophy.
This is perhaps the most prestigious trophy awarded in the year. Selected by the committee, it went to a man who has been our Secretary for 12 years and has done the job quietly and efficiently and always with good humour. Always good company it’s a pleasure to have worked with him.  He is standing down this AGM and we shall miss him at the committee meetings.
It went of course to Simon Bending.

After the presentations the conversation went on until the guests were all yarned out and finally left for home.




Cornwall week

Eleven  of us from the Bristol section made the journey down to Kernow to stay at the Monkey Tree Holiday Park for the 4th Cornwall week on Saturday 2nd September, most of us staying in the excellent three bedroom static caravans.

The flavour of the week was rain, rain, and yet more rain. We awoke on the Sunday to be told that the run for that day was cancelled due to the lanes on the route being awash.


Meanwhile 190 miles away at the Aust services Rod Western was looking forward to leading the Bill Shepherd Memorial Run 70 miles or so over and back in Wales. He did not get much more luck than us. Alan Freke turned up to help book the riders in and Terry Gill and Dave Brazill turned up to see everyone off but only one rider turned up and that was Reg Cox from the West Wilts section.

There were four riders on a Lands End to John O Groats run there as well. They must have been glad to get off and get in to the dry.

The Bill Shepherd was abandoned by common consent and everyone turned for home except Rod who went over the bridge and on to the Steel Horse café for lunch. Not a dry journey.


Back in Cornwall the rest of the week was a case of heavy rain in the

Burgers and sausages all round

night and morning clearing up for the afternoons. It put a lot of people off getting the bikes out from under the covers but many were hardy enough to ride.

The best day was the Wednesday which was really hot and sunny with Thursday coming a good second. Despite all this the week was most enjoyable. The camp site was excellent and the organisation and welcome from the Cornwall section could not be faulted.

We all finally abandoned the week a day early and drove back to Bristol in the rain on Friday.

Hopefully the weather will be kinder next year. This weeks riding is definitely one to put in next years diary.




Jeff Clew Memorial Run


Martin Foot did the section proud by winning the Best Douglas trophy with his Mk 1V on the Dorset section’s run on 30th July. Here he is receiving the trophy from Jeff Clews daughter.




He also won our own Car Park concours at Begbrook on 23rd August with his Douglas Sports model




Evening run to Purton

On 16th August, 16 of us made an evening run up to ‘The Pub’ at Purton, on the Severn, from the Golden Hart at Winterbourne. The evening was warm and dry and perfect for riding. About 50 to 60 miles all told depending where you started from. We rode home in the dark after a drink and crisps out in the car park chatting as the light went down with the Severn river spread out before us.

The only down side was when Spence got hit off his bike  by a car driver pulling out from the verge on the left to do a three point turn, straight across his path. Avoiding action and quick work on his part on the brakes got his  speed down but the collision was inevitable. Having just been signed off after a new knee and six weeks of physio, this was the last thing he wanted but luckily serious injury was avoided.

Thanks go to Mikes Drake and Fay for a fine evening route to what has now become a favourite venue.







Frenchay Historic Vehicle Day. Saturday 15th July

The display, of both a great variety of cars and motorcycles of all ages, was quite exceptional and exceeded



40 odd motorcycles and nearly the same number of cars, and a half a dozen early pushbikes filled every available space, and the public came in droves.

Cake bikes and cars

All through the afternoon, the  exhibitors exhibited, the marshals tried to keep order, the public perused, and the cakes sold, well, like hot cakes. All the time the rain stayed away on this most British of scenes, the village fete motor show.

What could be more pleasurable

Thanks go to Alan Freke for organising the event and from the Frenchay Museum staff to all those people who contributed and helped to make the show such a success.





Ray Cordy Memorial Spring Run. Sunday 4th June

20 of us rode in the Ray Cordy Memorial Spring Run on June 4th. Organised by John Bedis and called the ‘Commons run’ it started as usual at the Avon valley Railway at Bitton which has become a favourite start venue for the Bristol section. Run on the ‘drop off system’  the route went through Bridgeyate, Pucklechurch, Chipping Sodbury and Sodbury Common  and on up through Hawkesbury Upton and Wotton under Edge to Nailsworth to the coffee stop at Egypt Mill.

Coffee stop at Egypt Mill

Egypt Mill is a hotel and restaurant with a huge mill wheel inside and with the shaft and gearing built in to the bar itself is well worth a visit.

After coffee we took a circular route up to Minchinhampton, across Minchinhampton Common, then back down through Amberley, and   Culver Hill on to the A46. Going back past Egypt Mill and through Nailsworth again brought us to the Wyvale garden Centre on the Avening Road for lunch.

The concours judge was lurking about during the lunch stop but found the choices were not easy. Many of the machines were super examples.

Best on the run



The results were as follows
Best overall for the Ray Cordy Spring Cup
1956 Triumph Tiger 110.  Allan Crew.

Best Post War for the Vernon Cottle Cup
1956 AJS M30.   Derek Daniels

Best Classic for the John Underhill Cup
1976 Honda CB400 Four. Tony Prescott

Best two stroke for the Dennis Harrisson Cup
1967 BSA D13. Steve Bush

There were no Veteran, Vintage, Post vintage or 3 wheelers.

The ride then resumed, going up to Stroud and then to Dursley  via the scenic route and  Selsley Common. From Dursley we rode around via Stinchcombe and North Nibley, on what surely must be one of the most scenic roads for miles, and then back in to Wotton under Edge. A right turn at Hawksebury Monument took us across Ingleston Common and then back to Sodbury  from where we retraced our outward route back through Pucklechurch, Bridgeyate, Oldland and home to the railway station. The weather, which had been dry and fine all day became wet for the last few miles but it was dry again at Bitton where we had a welcome tea and cake to round the day off nicely.
Thanks go to John Beddis for setting the route and leading the ride, and Rod Western for acting as tail rider.





South West Coast Run. Sunday 14th May

The morning dawned bright and sunny on the 14th of May  for this years South West Coast Run and continued in the same vein to become a perfect warm late Spring day.

Dave making sure the exit was orderly


We had eighty people book in before the day, both bikes and cars and the fine weather brought another 37 out to enter on the day to make a pleasing 117. Signing in went smoothly with everybody chatting to people they had not seen since the previous year and generally looking forward to the run. Lots of coffee and tea was served and the cakes did a roaring trade. Due to the efforts of the ladies we raised £263 on teas, coffees, and cakes and £125 on raffle tickets all to go to the Childrens Hospice South West.

Off they go, a few at a time.

In truth. although there is a longer route of some 60 miles, the short route which most opt for, is more of a parade to meet old friends and start the season.

Sesoned by many past SWCRs

The off was at 11.00 as usual, and half an hour or so  later we were all parked at Portishead by the café on the front with the public looking round the machines. The Chairwoman and other councillors were there to greet us as usual.

A nice pair of Douggies

After an hour or so the parade set off for the Salt House Fields, Clevedon. Luckily we got there early enough to find our usual area free although the main car park was full and everywhere else was filling up fast. The public continued perusing and the concours judges continued to do their work and after lunch we all set off on the slightly roundabout route back to Failand for the awards ceremony.

Proudly owned, all

Thanks go to all who helped. You can see them at the top of the page including Rod who thought he could hide behind someone else.


Special thanks go to Paul Flowers for organising the run for the last eight years. He stood down last year and could be seen enjoying a more relaxing day as an entrant.

All in all a very pleasing and successful day.











Skittles and Buffet at Winterbourne

The evening started quietly. Because of holidays and colds we were down in numbers by several couples on the usual turnout to 31. Things weren’t helped when the return chute for the balls ate them at one end but did not spit them out at the other. All three got stuck
All the would be problem solvers and practical types then entertained everyone for half an hour by sellotaping long things together to push the stuck balls down the tube, to no avail,although the jam moved a few feet occasionally. Spare balls were hurled after the stuck ones only to join them but finally  the jam all rolled out of the tube preceded by a skittle that some kind soul had pushed down it.

After that things looked up and the skittles got under way. The winners were Christine Knight and Mike Emery for a bottle of wine apiece.

The buffet after was as usual, really excellent.
In the end people seemed reluctant to go home, yarning away in groups until it was time for us to go.




Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, Shepton Mallet


The show was as always a success. The usual myriad array of traders selling everything you might need  and club stands packed with interesting and exotic machinery viewed by an endless crowd of visitors.

Without the madding crowd

Our stand was the best for a long time.

We’re going home now

Dave Body did hs his usual imaginative and excellent job of making it visually attractive with all sorts of related material and we also had carpet tiles down for the first time. Whether it was the tiles or the slightly warmer than usual weather but things seemed more comfortable. They certainly took the edge off the bare concrete.

Friday setting up was hampered by driving cold rain all day but  Saturday and Sunday were dry and warmer (ie not quite so cold) than previous years. Our own members were well in evidence manning the stand when not doing the rounds of the other stands or off buying essential things for the workshop.

A good crowd both days

Packing up on Sunday afternoon at the end was swift with many hands making light of it.

Thanks go to Alan for organising things for us once again and to all who brought bikes or helped man the stand.



New Years Day Meet, Avon Valley Steam Railway


Do you think they’ll make us go for a run in this

The morning of New Years Day started fine but by 10.00 it was drizzling and by 11.00 when every body would normally be setting off for the Avon Valley railway for the first ride of the year it was pouring. The worst sort of rain. Sluicing down the gutters and singing down the drainpipes it did not let up.  Amazingly 8 or 10 people made it on bikes, as well as a few who brought their patient wives in cars, to stand for a while drinking coffee under umbrellas and chatting about this and that. The weather was never going to let up though and after a decent interval and many Happy New Years they all went there separate ways home to the warm and dry.

The better part of valour